+Do I have to be an executive director to join MCN's board?

It is not required to be an executive director to become a board candidate, but those who are not currently the chief executive of their organization must submit a support form signed by the organization's chief executive or board chair.

+Does my organization have to be a member to nominate someone?

Your organization does not need to be a current MCN member to nominate someone else. Anyone may nominate a candidate, however, the candidate must represent a current member nonprofit organization.

+I am interested in joining the board, but I'm a volunteer employee (or board member) of the organization. Is this allowed?

Any staff, board or volunteers associated with an MCN member nonprofit may be nominated, so long as they are the chief executive or board chair, or have the support of the chief executive or board chair, indicated by submitting the signed support form.

+Can associate members be nominated for the board?

MCN's bylaws require that only representatives of MCN member nonprofits may be elected as a member-representative board member. MCN's board also is comprised of up to nine at-large board members, who are not required to represent an MCN member nonprofit.

+When does the board meet?

The board meets every other month, the third Tuesday of the odd-numbered months. Meetings are held during the workday from 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


* January 15, 2019
* March 19, 2019
* May 21, 2019
* July 15-16, 2019 (two-day retreat)
* September 17, 2019
* November 19, 2019


* January 21, 2020
* March 17, 2020
* May 19, 2020
* July 20-21, 2020 (two-day retreat)
* September 15, 2020
* November 17, 2020


* January 19, 2021
* March 16, 2021
* May 18, 2021
* July 19-20, 2021 (two-day retreat)
* September 21, 2021
* November 16, 2021