Animal Allies Humane Society recognizes the importance of pets in people’s lives and is guided by a humane ethic to serve the community by: educating the public on humane treatment and responsible guardianship of companion animals; reducing overpopulation through spay and neuter; intervening to help animals overcome medical and behavioral issues; providing people the opportunity to invite pets into their lives; saving lives by transporting animals from shelters that are overcrowded; and contributing to our community by engaging in humane education with children and youth across a broad spectrum, so they may experience the joys and learnings pets can bring.

In his current role as Director of Operations for Animal Allies Humane Society, Daryl co-leads all aspects of operating a nationally recognized Humane Society including oversight, strategic planning and implementation, communications, work design, organizational structure, development, finance and program management for a staff of 33 employees and 250 volunteers.  Prior to this, Yankee has served in leadership roles at Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County CA, and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.  Daryl has served on numerous boards and commissions including the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative at Pepperdine University, City of Duluth Community Development Committee, Chester Bowl Improvement Club, Ventura Artist Film Festival, and more.  Daryl holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University.

According to Daryl, “As an internal consultant with over seventeen years serving in senior leadership roles, I have experienced the unique  triumphs and tests the nonprofit sector presents. My role as a ‘fixer’ has given me hands on experience guiding strategic large systems change. I have guided boards through critical mission and vision realignment and staff through structural enhancements, both social and technical. In 2017, I received a Master of Science in Organization Development degree from Pepperdine University. The program approaches change management and organizational effectiveness from a ‘teach a person to fish’ rather than ‘sell and tell’ model. My thesis presented co-leadership (two individuals sharing the executive role) as a robust and sustainable model best suited for guiding organizations through a complex and ambiguous world. Practicums included facilitated interventions with profit and not-for-profit clients, both locally and internationally. Applying this combination of professional experience and grounded theory to further MCN's work informing the sector and creating a collaborative space for effective service would be an honor.”

 Animal Allies Humane Society was voted “2018 Best Non-Profit Organization in the Northland” by the Duluth News Tribune. For more information about AAHS, visit:  https://www.animalallies.net/