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Associate Director

CREST provides volunteer services for seniors to assist in their living at home as long as possible. Service include transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping, friendly visiting and minor home repair. CREST also provides caregiver services through support groups, education and consultations. Service area is Martin County with office in Fairmont.

As Associate Director of CREST, Karen’s responsibilities include board development, strategic planning, financial oversight, grant oversight, personnel, and community development. Prior to coming to CREST, Karen worked as RSVP Coordinator for Martin County. Karen has held a number of executive leadership positions with Camp Fire (formerly Camp Fire Girls), a national youth development organization in California and Alaska. Karen holds a BA in Sociology from San Diego State College and has served on numerous nonprofit and civic boards and committees including Camp Fire Boys and Girls Association of Professionals, Trimont Area Service Klub, Freeborn County Historical Museum, CREST Board of Directors, and the Mayo Clinic Health System: St. James Clinic Foundation Board/Community Development Committee.  Karen was also a member of the Trimont City Council for several years.

According to Karen, “I have over 40 years of experience in nonprofit administration. As a senior citizen I bring not only a wealth of understanding about nonprofits in the past, but also the unique perspective of the future as our aging population continues involvement in nonprofits as employees, but also as volunteers. I have been a trainer both on the national and local levels of a national youth development agency, have served on committees at all levels of that agency as well as extensive service in my church synod and home church. I have served on boards of directors and committees of other organizations. I have lived and worked in small town Minnesota and in metropolitan areas in San Diego, Anchorage and other urban areas giving me perspective of both rural and metro communities.”

For more information about CREST, visit: http://crestvolunteers.org/